Iguana 29 Is The Ultimate Amphibious Yacht Able To Run On Sand & Rocks!

Three French engineers and designers have revealed the Iguana 29 which is an exclusive luxury-packed amphibious superyacht tender. We said luxury-packed because it features leather and gold-plated fittings throughout. This yacht is also the ultimate amphibious vehicle that it has the ability to emerge from water and run on sand and rocks. The amphibious yacht is fitted with rolling tracks and retractable legs. When at sea, this yacht can reach a maximum speed of forty knots. This means that it has a very capable hull. The company behind this yacht, Iguana Yachts, is based in Brittany and was founded by Antoine Brudigou, Antoine Fritsch and Tanguy Le Bihan.

They had a very ambitious idea which was to make a high performance boat that can also run on land. With the Iguana 29, we can safely say that they managed to achieve this ambitious goal. By many analysis, this boat doesn`t sacrifice seaworthiness for onshore mobility. It boasts a high level of quality and comfort. The Iguana 29`s mobility system features corrosion-proof materials like stainless steel lifting mechanisms, axles and sprockets and nylon filled carbon rollers. The arms of the amphibious boat are constructed of aluminum marine grade 5083. The tracks doesn`t lack quality material as well. They are made from reinforced Kevlar and high-quality rubber.

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