Hyundai Service & Genuine Parts! The Best Way to Make Your Hyundai Last FOREVER!

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Hyundai Is There For All Your Service Needs!

Hyundai Service & Genuine Parts are only available at authorized Hyundai Dealers.
Our service technicians know your vehicle better than anyone else and use Hyundai
providing reassurance that your vehicle will be cared for in the right way. No matter
what your Hyundai may need, you can trust us to take care of it at a competitive price.

Genuine Service Professionals!

Hyundai Service Technicians are trained technician. They use the latest diagnostic
and service equipment and have immediate access to update technical and repair
information provided by Hyundai. This allows for quicker diagnosis and repairs for
any problems your vehicle may have.

Genuine Parts Advantage!

Hyundai Genuine Parts are original equipment on all new Hyundai vehicles. That
be available for your vehicle but do they provide you with the same reliability? Why
your Hyundai.

Genuine Hyundai Training!

Our service technicians complete extensive training yearly to ensure they are up-todate on how to care for your Hyundai. Hyundai trains and tests its service technicians
using the latest tools and techniques to ensure they know how to properly diagnose
and repair Hyundai vehicles.

Time For Service!

No one knows your Hyundai vehicle better than the factory-trained Hyundai Service
Technicians at an authorized Hyundai Dealer. They know how to maintain your vehicle
and keep it in top running condition. Our trained service consultants will explain any
suggested work that needs to be done.

Regular Maintenance!

By maintaining your vehicle at the recommended mileage service intervals, you can
be assured that your Hyundai will give you many reliable miles down the road. It is
maintenance than to delay maintenance, possibly leading to serious or costly major
repairs. If you have questions about regular maintenance just ask a Hyundai Service
Consultant or refer to the Vehicle Owner`s Manual for what is recommended for your

The Hyundai Difference!

What makes an authorized Hyundai Dealer so special? It is the service and people
service departments treat their customers as they themselves would want to be
treated…they follow the golden rule.


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