Hyundai & Kia With Different Design Language Types in 2-3 Years!

The Famous automotive media Auto Express reported that Hyundai’s and Kia’s design chief Peter Schreyer,  “in two to three years` time”, these 2 Korean Brand will get even more distinct design language types.




According to his opinion the models from these two brands “should be separated more, and we`ll get a wider range”. Peter Schreyer mention the example of the VW Group models, Volkswagen Golf and Audi A3, which are devoted to very different profile of customers. About the hierarchy of these 2 brands he announced: “We`ll pick out the good things and make a stronger family feel. Like Kia, we`ll create a typical design language, and it will look like it everywhere in the world. It`s a complex product range but we have to make a hierarchy.”

And concerning the good things he said: “quality, our kind of style and a front face design that`s been there all along.Hyundai had a hexagonal grille a while ago. We`ll find another twist to the grille to make it unique”.


He announced that: “We also need a difference in content,” and that “Kia has got a strong direction, so why should we change?” But in case of Hyundai …”will change”. 

Concernig the “Fluidic sculpture” design philosophy he said. “But it only deals with the car`s surface, not its proportions. Other things define the car as well, like window graphics.” 

Source: AutoExpress

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