Hyundai is Preparing New B-Segment SUV!

hyundai b segment mini suv spy photos f

Hyundai is Preparing New B-Segment SUV for the Indian market (maybe for the European too) in order to enter in the class of Ford Ecosport, Dacia Duster (Renault), Mitsubishi ASX etc.

Hyundai probably plans to cut every cost of the development process, so they will construct this vehicle on under-body,  suspension chassis, engines, and powertrain options from some current model. The powertrain details of this new B-segment SUV are unknown, but Hyundai has a big range of engines in diesel and petrol starting from petrol1.4 litre “Gamma”  to diesel 1.6 litre CRDi. The 1.0-liter, 106hp petrol turbo engine.

The new Hyundai SUV prototype was caught on camera around Namyang R&D Center in Korea, so here are the spy shoots.

Stay tuned for more info!

Source:  [Ubinine]

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