Hyundai i80 Concept by Merk AJ! What can You Say?

hyundai concept i80 by Merk AJ

In Hyundai they say, “Trough technology and design, man`s dream car and nature`s dream car become one”. The concept car by Merk AJ traces the road of the design of every automotive company. They show the company`s research and development competitiveness. In the case of Hyundai, their concept cars are expressions of their design direction “Modern Premium”.

Hyundai Motors wants to secure its competitiveness and future premium convenience with the new cutting edge technologies as well as with the innovative eye-catching design and gesture controls of the new models. If in school for drawing lessons you can draw not boring landscapes and cubes as well as roaring Supercars the pupils will be in front the doors before at 7 am!

Check out this drawing from Merk AJ Hyundai i80! What is your comment?

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