Hyundai Hot Sellers for May 2013- Elantra, Sonata and Santa Fe!

2013 hyundai santa fe sales hot sellers

Hyundai`s May 2013 sales figures are here and they are simply spectacular. These are their hot sellers! Compared to last year, Hyundai sale increased for 2% with its 68,358 sold units, while in April this percentage went up 8%. Even though, last May was the best May in most recent Hyundai`s history, this May is not bad either, being the second best. According to the executive vice president of national sales, Mr. Dave Zuchowski, May has been a great month and now the company is looking forward to welcoming the summer season. He also said that besides the great variety of models Hyundai offers, customers also are very much pleased with the Hyundai Assurance Connected Car message.

Sonata`s, Santa Fe`s and Elantra`s Performance!

Customers obviously cannot resist Sonata`s, Santa Fe`s and Elantra`s performance. Let`s take a look into Santa Fe`s has sold 7,000 units more which resulted in 24% sales increase compared to 2012. Hyundai Sonata`s sale is also going in positive direction and it certainly beats the sale of Sonata`s competitors. When talking about Hyundai Elantra, it had the best month ever. 20,191 units were sold this month which is 33% better compared to the situation in April, while the year to date increase 30%.

Good Results for Hyundai Genesis and Equus!

The sale of Equus and Genesis remained stable, even though the inventory is at a lower level. This is partly due to the fact that there are new models arriving in 2014. However, according to Mr. John Krafcik, president of Hyundai Motor America, claimed that all the factories are doing their best to satisfy the demand.

Assurance Connected Care -- One of the Best Launches Hyundai has Made!

Mr. John Krafcik also mentioned that the free Assurance Connected Care was one of the best launches Hyundai has made. Customers are really into it. This Assurance Connected Care system helps the customers to find car solutions and enables control features. This system is part of the standard equipment in all vehicles that have the Blue Link telematics system and has duration of three years, with the possibility for extension.

Pre-owned Hyundai Vehicles Sales Increased!

According to ALG, Hyundai is the ultimate champion when it comes to lowest fleet and incentive combination. In May this year, 6,696 certified pre-owned cars were sold which resulted in 17% increase comparing to the same period, last year. However, Hyundai has the lowest level, of only 18% of fleet mixture. Those were their hot sellers for May!

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