Hyundai Global Sales Increase of 10% in May!

2013 hyundai elantra global sales

45,000 sales mark in May for Hyundai Elantra and Sonata!

May 2013 was the best month ever for Hyundai Motor America-HMA. HMA has sold so many and customers were asking for more. Consequently, the factory in Alabama was overbooked with production. Compared to May, 2012, this year the sale increased for 2% while the Hyundai Elantra made a jump of 33% compared to last year. Hyundai Elantra has also made a remarkable year to date sales of 30%. Furthermore, Hyundai Sonata, also manufactured in the factory in Montgomery, recorded a sale of 20,000 units in May while the orders for keep on coming. The CEO of Hyundai Motor America, Mr. John Krafcik said that all the plants are working like mad to satisfy market needs and demand and that the company is ecstatic to have total sale of both Elantra and Sonata of 45,000 units just for the month of May.

70% of total May Sales due to Elantra and Sonata Results!

The most hard-working factory was the one located in Alabama responsible for manufacturing approximately 70% of the total number of sales recorded in May. However, the factory in Montgomery had to be functional for 24 days in May, working even on Saturdays, in order for the necessary 33,374 cars to be produced. The record of 37,372 vehicles produced in a period of one month was surpassed. As they say from HMMA, the factory is going to work 22 days in June, including several Saturday shifts. Due to the production need, last autumn third shift was introduced and new 877 workers have been employed. According to HMA executive vice president of national sales, Mr. Dave Zuchowski, Elantra and Sonata for some time now are immediately sold after their exit from the factory. The HMMA vice president of production, Mrs. Ashley Frye, said that due to the excessive demand for Elantra and Sonata, Hyundai intends to increase its level of production. In this period Hyundai plans to keep its attention to production and because of this there will be no new vacancies. This is also due to the supply constraints.

10% Global Sales Increase for Hyundai!

Generally, May has been a good month for the Korean vehicle manufacturer, that this month saw a sale increase of 10%, greater than the one recorded in May last year. Last month a total number of 402,406 Hyundai`s cars have been sold. This is due to the increase of 22.7 in 7 overseas factories while the overseas export was lower.

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