Hyundai Genesis VS Lexus ES 350 Review! We Give you the Facts, you Choose!

hyundai genesis 2012 front side

Lexus ES350 2012 front side

When you See Hyundai Genesis sedan, you Fall in Love with its Exterior!

Lexus ES 350 is a hybrid model just like Lincoln MKZ Hybrid for example. It is impeccably carved and if it had been a human being it would have been listed one of the sexiest alive. Its interior is less astonishing than the external appearance. It has enough space, LCD screen, navigation system, audio system, rear window and all other elements usually incorporated in a car.

Now, let`s switch to Hyundai Genesis! If this car was citizen of New York City, you would have definitely called it an Upper East Sider! Wealthy, extravagant and stylish!

This is not a usual Hyundai kind of car. This is red carpet car! You get more or less standard equipment (fog lights, rear windows…), but you get to choose the wheels (17, 18 or 19 inches). As far as interior is concerned, when you enter the car you get everything you need and more (audio system, Bluetooth connection, radio, heated seat, air-conditioning, etc.). When you see Hyundai Genesis sedan, you fall in love with its exterior

hyundai genesis 2012 rear side

Lexus ES350 2012 rear side

Comfort, Running Costs and Safety!

Lane departure warning is optional for both models. Airbags, understandably, are to be found in both models, but with different positioning. Lexus ES 350 has knee, side-impact torso, front and rear airbags, while Hyundai Genesis has side-impact and side curtain airbags. Both cars have their own individual safety system with Lexus having a bit more sophisticated one. Both cars are large, but both have their faults. Lexus ES 350 is more comfortable for people who would sit in the back, while Hyundai Genesis would be more comfortable for basketball players (= tall people) due to its head room space. One thing that stays completely the same for both cars are the running costs. No difference at all.

Fuel Efficiency, Space and Warranty!

As far as efficiency is concerned Hyundai Genesis offers two options. The first one is V6, 3.6-liter engine that develops 333hp. The other one is V8, 5.0-liter with 429-horspower engine. Both versions are more efficient than Lexus ES 350. Lexus ES 350 hybrid has a 2.5-liter engine with four cylinders, plus an electric motor with high-voltage battery. Furthermore, Hyundai is winning over Lexus when luggage room is in question. Both cars fit same number of people. Hyundai is known for its noble 5-Year Warranty and therefore there is no point for further discussion on this item.

hyundai genesis 2012 interior dash

Lexus ES350 2012 interior dash

Price and Dimensions!

Both cars are long, but Hyundai Genesis is wider. As far as steering is concerned, it is a pleasure to drive either of the cars, even though Hyundai`s drive is smoother. And, finally, the price! When you look at the price list you see this:

--          Destination Charges – more or less the same amount of money for both cars.

--          Manufacturer`s Suggested Retail Price- Hyundai Genesis is cheaper.

According to everything that was mentioned, price included, we would not like to impose anything, but we live in times of crisis- think about it!

hyundai genesis 2012 engine v8

Lexus ES350 2012 engine

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