HULK BOX CHEVY “Space Made” on 30″ FORGIATO Rims!

Check Out This HULK BOX CHEVY “Space Made” on 30″ FORGIATO Rims From CINCINNATI!

Take a look at one of those cars who were completely transformed and are now THAT car you recognize everywhere it goes! Right here in the video, you can see a HULK BOX CHEVY firstly made for a customer and was completely modified!!! This 1986 Cincinnati is now equipped with a brand new LS7 motor with gives it MASSIVE amount of Horsepower. As for the final touch, it has to have something that will make it STAND OUT in public, and the perfect choice were these 30″ FORGIATO rims which gave it the perfect LIFT! Check out this MONSTER and feel free to comment on it! This thing is dope I would ride it all day and I wish my Caddy was customized by these dudes.

Finally, check a Ccustomized Hulk Box Chevy that started out as an 86 Caprice on this link!