This Huge M1 ABV Looks Scary! See Its Amazing Capabilities!

This is basically a 1500 horsepower beast with some extensions. Namely, it has something akin to a crab or maybe a spideresque or sometimes even an octopi structure to it – this is the M1 Assault Breacher Vehicle or M1 ABV. It has the body of an M1 Abrams main battle tank, but without the famed main gun. This vehicle would be perfect for the apocalypse, but you`d be lucky to get your hands on it – only 39 of these were ever made. They weigh 72 tons and can basically clear a path to and through anything you want.

Want a minefield cleared? This is the machine you need. Want to pass through a row of barbed wire? This is exactly what you need. Want to go over a ditch filled with improvised explosive devices? Get in the M1 ABV and you`ll do it with a laugh. These things protect American troops wherever they are without much effort, and they`re backed by so much artillery that nobody will even think about knocking them down, which itself is quite hard considering they have tons of armor. Watch this video to see these monsters in action, as they pass through mud as easily as driving on the highway.

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