How to Deal with Car Damage After an Accident

While you would like to think that when you get into your car and head out for your destination you will arrive there safe and sound, that’s just not always the case. Unfortunately, traffic accidents in the United States are a very real issue. In fact, in 2017 alone there were more than 40,000 vehicle deaths that were attributed to accidents.

How to Deal with Car Damage After an Accident 1

People are quick to assume that the accidents must be tied to bad weather, but that isn`t the case. Sure, weather plays into the safety on the roads, but there are a whole lot of other contributing factors as well. When looking at the numbers, typically those states with large volumes of vehicles on the road are the ones that have the most accidents. It just makes sense. This means states like California, New Jersey, and New York are top of the list. But then on the flip side you also have states such as Alaska and Hawaii where you aren`t getting large numbers of vehicles on the road, but you have other factors that play into road safety.

Thankfully not every accident is the same; some are much more minor than others. Some only result in cosmetic damage to your vehicle, which you will then be left to deal with after the incident. If this is the situation you have recently found yourself in, then you may be looking for a little help as you try to figure out how to deal with car damage after getting into an accident. Here are some tips and information that can help you out.

Understand the First Minutes are Important

If the accident has already occurred and you’re reading this after the incident, then these are steps that you probably already followed. Immediately after an accident, though, you want to be sure everyone involved is okay and moves to a safe area while waiting for help. Call 911 if anyone is injured and be sure to protect the scene as best you can.

What people don’t always realize is that you should also call the police regardless of how minor the accident is. They will be able to take photos and write an official report which may be needed later.

Contact Your Insurance Agent

You will also want to contact your insurance agent. It is amazing how even something relatively small looking can end up costing a whole lot of money to repair. When you contact your agent, they will be able to walk you through the steps necessary to file a claim.

How to Deal with Car Damage After an Accident 3

Find a Reputable Body Shop to Repair the Damage

Now you`re ready to address the actual damage and get your car repaired. For this step you want to be sure that you find a reputable body shop that has experience with damage after an accident. You want to be sure that your car looks and operates like new after the repairs are done.

Fix Auto is an example of a body shop that has plenty of experience with repairs due to a collision in San Diego. They actually specialize in body repair, so you know they will have the experience and knowledge necessary.

No matter what body shop you choose, you want to be sure you get a written quote before any work begins. If you are going through your insurance company, they will most likely need to approve the quote before the job can start. If you`re paying out of pocket, a written quote ensures there are no surprises later on.

Each of these steps will help you to deal with car damage after an accident, getting your car back to new condition.