Someone once told me that a mechanic is the same thing for your car, just as the doctor is for people. So, if we concur with that, then we all need someone we can trust! But how safe do you really feel about your car, when you take your vehicle to a mechanic, either if it is for something small and trivial, like a simple oil change, or when you actually have to leave it in the repair shop, due to some more serious problem? This huge scam will make you think.

Imagine you just need to have your oil filter replaced on your new Nissan GTR, or you just have to take your loving classic Detroit muscle (on which you had spent so much money), to e mechanic for some simple task, and end up with even a bigger problem, and getting ripped off in the process?

According to the following video clip, huge scam scandals happens all the time, all across the country! People are paying for services they do not get, and repairs which are never done! And it gets even worse!

The video that you are going to see shows up a big scam that has been blown off by KNBC. And even though it is from 2006, it doesn`t hurt to see it again, because you might be a victim to the very same thing these days too!

Check it out and watch it carefully! And if you want to read an interesting article about how to find a good mechanic, go to this link.