How Does an AIRPLANE Take Off From A Towing Trailer?

How do we even start? We were not faking it when we said that we are really not sure how is this even possible? Is it us or is this thing something most of the world did not even know that it was a thing? If you are confused and cannot wait to see what we are so hyped about, we will try to make it clearer to you! Now, we are sure that you have traveled by plane several times or at least have seen an Airplane take off.

You know the drill. The plane needs a long runway, great acceleration after which it goes up in the air!

And that is all great, but what we saw here was a Airplane take off, but none of the steps mentioned above were done! This plane which is not so big in size, was on a trailer attached to the hook of a certain truck!

The truck made all the acceleration by towing this trailer with a plane on it as the craft TOOK OFF and hit the clouds! After a long time in this job, we`ve seen something that really made us wonder and truly impressed us! Check it out!

If you want to see the Airbus A400M Takeoff, follow this link!