How The Vilnius Mayor Copes With Illegally Parked Automobiles!

The problem with illegally parked vehicles is present everywhere in the world. There is simply no place (as far as we know) on this planet where every driver parks properly. Even the most careful drivers sometimes park their automobiles in an inappropriate manner. Anyway, let`s figure out how one European Mayor copes with such irresponsible drivers. We are referring to Arturas Zuokas, Vilnius mayor, the capital of Lithuania.

Some time ago, he came up with an interesting idea of teaching the irresponsible drivers a lesson about parking. What it is about? You won`t believe it! He decided to hop in a tank and run over the inappropriate parked automobiles! Sounds like a joke, but he really did it! Sadly, we do not have any information whether the situation has improved, but let`s hope that it has! Nobody wants to see his/hers car toasted! Moreover, the Vilnius Mayor explains why he decided to take such a rigorous step. Briefly, the law is equal for everybody, no matter if it is a case of a rich person or not.

Anyhow, do you think this endeavor is applicable here in the States? If not here, then definitely in China! Follow this link to see how an excavator in China bashes illegally parked cars out of the way!