1000+HP Blown 1931 FORD COUPE aka “COUPEZILLA”!

The man`s drive and desire to create something totally original and unique, something that will bear the mark of its creator and author, is always so strong and powerful, it seems that the saying “Only sky is the limit” can truly be applied about it. And I think that it would not be wrong of me to say that in the world of the Gearheads, this feature can be seen very often. Which is why we constantly get to see all kinds of original rides, that are leaving us breathless and with our jaw on the floor. Such is the example of this 1931 Ford Coupe that you are going to see in the video below, with an appropriate nickname, Coupezilla!

If you ask me, this is probably one of The most authentic monsters of a hot rod that I have ever seen! It started as a regular 5-window 1931 Ford Coupe, and it was transformed into this all steel, Big Block Chevy built with an 8.71 blower, and with tube chassis, 6′ dropped axle, and with huge rear wheels that appear to be totally ominous and terrifying!

And even though the following video clip is not showing us the Coupezilla in action, but just as it is idling in its owner`s front yard, we can only imagine what can those 1 000+ HP do, wherever it may appear. Whether it is on a regular road, or on the drag strip, it is clear that this monster can do a lot of damage.

Just check out the video below and you will see what I`m talking about! And if you want to read an interesting article about the ten cars that are making awesome hot rods, click here.