It is a fact that many of us have started to love and adore the powerful and expensive luxury sports cars from an early age, when we have also started to make different plans about how to get our hands on our favorite model. However, not all of us have the same approach towards the jaw-dropping supercars, and we do not all look at them with the same eyes. I`m saying this because today we are going to show you an expensive car wash video where you are going to meet Gurcharn Sahota, a big time luxury car enthusiast from Britain, whose life is also revolving around the world of hypercars, but in a slightly different way.

Ever since he was a teenager, Sahota was cleaning the cars of his acquaintances and neighbours for free, using a simple sponge and a bucket of water. But now, this young man is having his very own car wash service, made in the Formula 1 style, with a big list of wealthy clients who are willing to pay up to £7 000 (about $11 000), in order to get a luxury car wash. How about that?!

But as you can probably presume, nowadays Sahota is not using only a sponge and water, but some very special cleaning fluids, for scratch removal and everything else, to make that jaw-dropping hypercar look perfect!

So check out the video below and see how does the world most expensive car wash looks like! And on the other hand, if you want to see which are the most expensive cars to own and drive, go to this link.