100 MPH LAMBORGHINI FLYBY On The Streets Of Central London!

I`m sure that most of you are well aware (taking into an account all the videos that we had shown you) that there is no lack of supercars in London. So I guess that means that in order to stand out from the crowd, even if one has a monster like the Lamborghini Aventador, a completely unorthodox, and even totally crazy driving episodes are simply inevitable… And even though most of you are also aware that we do not like this type of showing off, where an innocent people could get hurt, we are still going to show you the following video, in which one black Aventador is hitting the streets of Central London, with a 100 mph Lamborghini flyby!

Some of you might remember a very similar video, at the very same Central London street, when a hypercar, very similar to this Aventador got crushed! In order to acknowledge their presence, and so that their supercar could be seen and heard from miles away, some drivers are doing such foolish acts.

Fortunately, this time there were no casualties and the car was left untouched. Just check out the video below and see what I`m talking about! This Lamborghini flyby is something you have never seen before! And if you want to see how the above mentioned crash looked like, go to this link.