Here Is How A Homemade Electric Jet Engine Works!

There are many things that a human has built over the years, but did you know that you can actually make a homemade electric jet engine that is fully functional? Well, if you did not, than you simply have to take a look at this video and see for yourself that it is actually true. It takes a man great ingenuity and craftsmanship to make this possible, but eventually he managed to pull this thing off and we must admit that it is probably one of the most simple but creative invention, which we have seen over the years.

Homemade Electric Jet Engine 1

Even though the man does not show the exact way in which he made this homemade electric jet engine, it is still pretty amazing just to see it in action being powered up. The funny and amazing thing about it is that the setup has some of the features and controls that you would find in a normal jet engine plane. But those features are not just dummies, and they can actually perform some action such as slowing down and accelerating the rotations per minute of the jet.

Moreover, we even get the chance to see at how the jet engine looks from the inside hence the man took the cover off. Inside we can see that it has a motor, magnets, gearbox with flywheel and an electromagnet to generate current for the N1 gauge. This homemade electric jet engine would serve as a great desk toy don`t you think?

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