Homemade Car Jack & Car Lifts! These Guys Nailed It!

A lot of people do their car repairs at home, and one of the biggest questions they sometimes pose is how to get your car up and ready to be repaired if you don`t have a homemade car jack?

Homemade Car Jack Lifts 3

Well, how about a homemade car jack or a car lift that you can fashion in mere minutes? These guys did exactly that – they demonstrated that you can do anything at home with the right engineering mindset and some tools. So, to start off, they made a car lift out of two metal seesaws and an added stabilizing rod on one side. It`s an incredible machine because it doesn`t take any special skill to build it, you don`t need any special tools or knowledge, you just need to want to make it.

So, your car would crawl up one side of the seesaws, with two wheels on each, and then when the weight shifts it would simply stand up straight, two feet in the air, while being stabilized by the stabilizing rods on the other end. Also, these guys made a homemade car jack out of a few pieces of scrap metal that can really get the job done.
Namely, it can lift your car even more than regular store-bought car jacks. In fact, they made one that could nearly flip it over without any issue – the more you crank it, the more it goes up, no exceptions. I like that kind of brutal attitude and I`m sure these guys have got much more to deliver on it.

Before you go, check out this fully mechanical mini car lift.

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Posted by C-VP on Wednesday, May 24, 2017