HAVE A BLAST With The 2015 BMW M235i xDrive!

If you have noticed, not long ago BMW started to implement the all-wheel drive in the majority of its models, starting from the big 7-series to the second-smallest of America. According to the CEO`s statement, the main reason for that is the increase in the demand for AWD. And that decision came with several flaws. The 2015 BMW M235i xDrive is 128 pounds heavier than the rear-drive M235i, whereas the majority of the mass is placed on its front axle.

The 2015 BMW M235i xDrive 4So, it carries no perfect balance, but this model might improve your financial one, as it comes with a reasonable starting price of around $51,000! Finally, the M235i hits 60 mph in 4.5 seconds and it is powerful enough to develop 320 HP at 6000 RPM!

However, check out this review right here!

The 2015 BMW M235i xDrive 12