Harley Sportster Engine Rebuilt In Sped Up Time Lapse!

Harley-Davidson`s are awesome, everyone knows that. However, have you ever watched a Harley Sportster engine disassembled, refurbished and put back together again? Well, that`s exactly what this video allows you to see! However, the fun doesn`t stop there, as these guys disassemble every single part of the bike, clean it up and put it back where it was. It`s really impressive to watch the speed at which these guys perform this excruciatingly difficult task – it`s like they`re not even bothered by the sheer number of parts they`re removing and cleaning! Every single part is cleaned to perfection and the bike will be a million times better when reassembled!

This Harley Sportster engine isn`t an easy one to take apart though – just look at how long this time lapse video is, and considering it has been sped up it probably took the mechanics weeks to get it done, all while a cameraman is right there. Furthermore, this engine is a V-twin ironhead, which makes it that much more complicated to manage. In the end, everything is in its place and the entire thing works like a charm – much better than it did before these incredible professionals got a hold of it!

At last, check out this bike with two Harley engines!