Guy Smashes His Ferrari Windshield With A Bat! Why?

Sometimes rich people don’t know what to do with their money. In this one, we have a guy who just wanted to get rid of his Ferrari Windshield…

Guy Smashes His Ferrari Windshield Bat baseball 1

Most of car lovers out there are probably familiar with a really common problem with our cars. It is in those really tiny and sometimes invisible things on our cars which make us go mad. It can be a screw sticking out, an oddly placed dash board or the sound of your transmission. The repair of them can sometimes be expensive and that is why it is simply not worth fixing such a problem on a cheap car.

For example, a cheap car costs around $1,000 but the fix might cost $5,000. But fixing them on an expensive car should not be a problem, right? Wrong, the only thing standing in your way to fix the windshield vents is the Ferrari windshield itself! In order to fix this $75 problem you need to completely take off the glass. But this man had something else in mind.

He broke his one with e bat, the good old American style. He hit it several times before taking it to the repair shop. To be on the safe side, he had also bought a new one. Unfortunately, this is where things got off hand. Just as he unboxed his new Ferrari windshield he realized that it was broken too!

It cost him $3,200 to get it, and he got it on discount. So fixing a $75 problem might end up costing a fortune. Moreover, he had to drive for 15 minutes with a broken windshield to get the repair shop. What do you think, is this repair worth it?

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