GS VISION 18R NITRO RC Mustang! Awesome Engine Sound!

Well, I could not tell you the exact and true answer on that question, but I will take a purely subjective stand and view that if not the best looking and closest to the real thing, than it is somewhere pretty much close to it. As I`m also sure that if you have not reed the title and only see the picture of it, you would not tell the difference and probably thought that it is an article about a real Ford Mustang. But it is not. What we have here is a video with one awesome looking and enough powerful Nitro RC Mustang GT to do some stunts like drifting, a little donuts, just about everything a gearhead could possibly want from a car, including the RC models.

And once you are done with driving and filming it, it`s a good thing to have the knowledge to edit it (or have someone else to do it properly for you) and create a good video such as this one. The combo of good driving, good camera angles and later backed up with the hard core sounds of AC/DC, does its thing. We have one great video of RC Nitro `Stang at its best.

Take a look at the Nitro RC Mustang and see what I`m talking about. I think that you will like it.

Anyway, you are going to love this Chevy battler right here!

Enjoy the video below!

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