GRAVE DIGGER’s Driver Dennis Anderson Hurt During A Monster Jam Performance!

The renowned Grave Digger driver Dennis Anderson is a veteran of the sport and one of the greatest monster truck drivers ever! He has been competing since 1982. He has 3 World Finals titles in racing category and 1 in freestyle. At the last weekend`s Monster Jam held in Tampa, Florida, Anderson was injured and needed to be hospitalized. It all happened while Anderson attempted a backflip. Unfortunately, the move went awry and the monster truck landed upside down. The legendary driver was quickly helped from the wrecked truck by safety workers before being sent to the local hospital healing facility for further evaluation.

He was transported out of the stadium in a medical cart. Fortunately, he was sitting upright and was able to wave to the audience as he left. However, it is not clear precisely when he was injured as he experienced a couple of hard landings during the performance. Not many information is known about Dennis Anderson`s condition at the moment. However, his son posted a quick statement on Instagram. It contains a bit of his dad`s sense of humor. The legendary Grave Digger driver Dennis Anderson is 56 years old. We at Muscle Cars Zone wish him a quick recovery.

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