Getting the Most Out of Your SEMA Show

Nothing compares to the annual Speciality Equipment Market Association (SEMA) trade show in Las Vegas. From chrome-plated inventions to futuristic concept vehicles and wild vehicle modifications, there’s a lot to see when it comes to the latest automotive creations and trends.  Numerous vendors use the SEMA Show to showcase new products and services. As one of the coolest and biggest automotive shows in the country, your SEMA Show offers an overwhelming four days of viewing automotive products, custom builts, listening to industry leaders and engaging in interactive gatherings. Whether this is your first or tenth time attending, there are a few ways you can get the most out of your show experience

Getting the Most Out of Your SEMA Show 1

Plan your Must-See List Items

Everyone attending the show has a specific agenda. Whether you want to be part of celebrity appearances, have a sneak peak view into new products and builds in the market, or just want visit your favorite aftermarket company booth, it’s important to plan early when going into Your SEMA Show week to avoid any disappointments. Consider marking all those “to-do” things on your show agenda, so you don`t end up missing out on any of them.

There is obviously a lot to see including special exhibits and concept cars. Wondering how they get there? Companies like Executive Auto Shippers, a leading auto shipping company in THE US, help move these cars from all parts of the country to the show and back. To get more information about the show, check the show`s website. You can also download your SEMA Show app to get live updates on special attractions and map out areas you want to visit.

Take Your Time

Whether you`re a regular attendee, a media representative or an industry expert, there are many after-hours platforms that you can get involved in throughout the week. The best way to experience the show is to go about it at a normal pace. It’s not just about the interactions and attractions on the show floor. Half of the attraction of the show is at business meetings, award dinners, specialty get-togethers and various parties.

To take advantage of everything that happens during the show, be sure to check out the extras that are offered and don’t wear yourself out by checking out every little thing that is on display. Take your time and check out the most popular happenings and attractions of the week. There are lots of exclusive off-hour opportunities that are worth checking out.

Use the Opportunity to Network

Where else can you find so many movers and shakers, industry leaders and influencers in one place and at one time than at the annual SEMA Show? One of the reasons why so many people attend the show is to network and get the most out of the experience. A close look at the 2017 SEMA Show by the Hot Rod Network definitely reveals a show that was worth talking about.

Whether you are a media representative, seller, buyer, producer, social media follower or a car enthusiast, the opportunity to talk to so many people in the automotive industry should not be missed and is vital to the continuation of the industry. In short, the show is all about building connections that may well bring you opportunities in future.

Pick Up Valuable Information

When it comes to attending the SEMA Show, there’s a lot of new information, questions and subjects to discuss during the show. One of the best things about the show is that just about every single exhibitor has some valuable information to share, whether it’s on a new product they’re introducing in the market or a personalized ride in their booth.

Of course, the more information you can get, the better equipped you will be when it comes to working on your project, attending other shows or even trying out the different products and services on offer. Consider getting signed up for photo and video content, email lists, press releases and even some special deals and announcements by the exhibitors.

Enjoy the Show

When thinking about why auto shows matter to you and planning to attend one, it`s good to take your time to experience the cars and get the most out of the experience. Your SEMA Show is not just a walk-through event. It`s an opportunity to interact and make the most of the product and service exhibits.