George Foreman Classic Cars Collection!

Check out the amazing George Foreman classic cars collection.  The former boxing champion of the world has an incredible collection including Corvettes, Ferraris, Rolls-Royces and more than 50 exotic classic cars. From all of this beautiful ride George Forman favors his 1977 Volkswagen Beetle and he drives his pickup truck the most.

George Forman Classic Cars Collection 2

The former boxing champion does not keep all of his classic cars at his home, because he hides them in various houses and garages from his wife.

The famous journalist Graham Bensinger recently visited George Foreman at his home to meet him and take a look at his impressive classic car collection. Foreman revealed that his most prized car possession is his oldtimer 1977 Volkswagen Beetle. It is hard to understand as he is sorounded with a cars like Lamborghini Diablo, Ford GT, Ferrari Testarossa, Classic Corvettes… The champion explains in the following video why this little German beauty means so much to him.

What is your favorite classic car from George Forman classic cars collection? We know it is hard but if you have to choose only one what it would be? Please feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comment section below and tel us what you you think.