This Is How Garrett Mitchell Virally Became Cleetus McFarland!

People often say that no road towards success is easy. You have to pass over many obstacles in order to reach your goal. Quite often these obstacles are very difficult and only the most enduring ones will make it. Well, this is basically how the story goes for Garrett Mitchell. It was a difficult start to his car loving career and he had no one by his side. However, things began to change when he met a guy at a gas station. They decided to exchange numbers and have a race, not knowing this was a start of something special. Many months later, Garrett Mitchell was introduced to Kyle Loftis, who owned 1320Video back then. It all began when Garrett asked Kyle if he wanted someone to run his Instagram profile. By the way, back then, his Instagram profile had only 1,000 followers.

garrett mitchell viral cleetus mcfarland 1

Video after video, the profile led by Garrett Mitchell gained steady success. It was not a long time after when they hit 100,000. Knowing that something big was happening, Garrett continued to make some awesome videos. It was not long after when the character Cleetus McFarland appeared. At this point, the profile had over 580,000 followers, 3,142,000 Facebook followers and even 1,130,000 YouTube subscribers. It was a really big thing! Moreover, with the help of Cleetus, he had even more success. People began to recognize him on the streets. In one occasion in Mexico, fans began to greet him, which was something spectacular. The reason why Cleetus became famous was mostly of him hardcore American quotes. It is quite easy to fall in love with a character like this. In the video below you can check out Cleetus driving a 700 HP monster. He has some amazing time there!

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