This Little Gadget Prevents Bike Saddle Theft Like Never Before!

When you park your bike somewhere, you generally don`t want to come back and find any piece of it stolen, right? Even more so that you actually want to find your bike there instead of it being stolen as a whole. Well, this little device prevents saddle theft like you`ve never seen it before! It`s actually a saddle with a set of metal rods and bolts that you can take off your bike and chain it to something. So the saddle is actually the chain! It`s incredibly easy to use and anyone can do it, making your bike safer on the streets than ever before.

You`re probably thinking that any real bike thief will just make short work of the protective part and will get your bike anyway, but you couldn`t be more mistaken – this gadget is so sturdy and well made that saddle theft is basically not an option! You can`t cut it with a saw or clip it with bolt cutters, you can`t break it with a hammer or separate it in any conceivable way because the material of which this is made is way too sturdy for any modern bike stealing equipment. The only way to unlock it is with a key that only you would have, so your bike will be perfectly safe!

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The one best way to prevent saddle theft.

Posted by GIGadgets on Saturday, April 22, 2017