Hankook Tire On a Roll – This Futuristic Vehicle Might Change Our Life!

Ever wanted to be able to climb stairs with your car? Well, according to this video by Hankook, you can be very close to being able to buy futuristic vehicles that will be able to master all urban terrains! This two wheeled thing can master steps, curves and all kinds of terrain – it transforms into various modifications of itself to allow its wheel segments to climb stairs, as well as do literally anything else. However, the peculiar way in which the creators of these tires chose to depict it, is a bit strange, to be succinctly honest.

Namely, in the video Hankook has these futuristic vehicles riding across town, dodging police and breaking laws left and right. Apparently, with advanced mechanics doesn`t come advanced software and anti-lawbreaking limitations. Nope, the thing just strolls through red lights like it`s nothing, runs from cops like it`s been hot-wired by a criminal and generally endangers everyone in its path. If we all get these futuristic vehicles in a few years, can I just please ask everyone not to behave like this video predicts we will? It`s for the best of everyone and at least we`ll all end up alive.

For more info about this futuristic design, visit Hankook official website.