Formula 3 vs. Lamborghini Diablo!

We, car guys, enjoy taking a look at video in which we see the merging of two different worlds of speed and power. We have previously came across many videos in which people tested something that was impossible to happen in the real world, and this time we take a look at yet another one. This video will prove wrong or right all the dilemmas you have previously had when it comes to which car is faster, the Formula 3 car or a mighty Lamborghini. This drag race is unlike any other you have seen so far.

F3 Car vs Lamborghini 1

Even though the video is really short, just under 30 seconds and it is more than 10 years old, it is still enough to see what the F3 car is actually capable off. Even though it is off to a shaky start and the Lamborghini is the one that takes the lead due to the delayed start of the F3 car, soon after things turn the right way. The Formula 3 car simply rushes and overtakes the Lamborghini without any significant effort, it does not even rev to its full capacity and ability.

It makes the recognizable formula sound that every car fan loves. The Lamborghini simply had no chance, but we must admire the bravery that the driver had, going head to head with the mighty F3 car. Just imagine what would happen if F1 car would have been there, instead the F3 one. What do you think, did you expect this?

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