Ford’s All-New Release: The 2018 Ford Expedition SUV!

Ford has been known to be one of the best automakers when it comes to building trucks and SUVs. In November 2017, the car giant yet again brought innovation and excitement to the roadways by introducing the 2018 Ford Expedition SUV. For those who love strength in their vehicles, this is the SUV to go for. Further, installing a logging device from a reputable fleet management service provider will ensure that transportation assignments are well monitored in real time from any location. So let us see what makes the 2018 Expedition such a big deal.

Fords All-New Release The Fleet-Ready 2018 Expedition 2

Features to Expect with the 2018 Ford Expedition SUV

When you buy the all-new 2018 Ford Expedition SUV, there is a lot in store for you. The major changes are easily seen in the body of the vehicle before you can even experience its strength when driving it. The robust frame has been enhanced with steel and aluminum alloy to make it ready for any terrain or fleet mission. However, fleet owners cannot ignore that the vehicle has saved some weight to increase its swiftness and precision of control.

We all know that the engine matters most for vehicles. The all-new 2018 Expedition has a powerful 3.5 liter EcoBoost engine. Let`s not forget to mention that the engine has 375 horsepower. With a 10-speed automatic transmission, not many fleet vehicles can match the potential of this machine.

The Comfort to Expect

Fleet vehicles are mostly on the move and sometimes cover long distances. Comfort is not a factor to compromise on when it comes to choosing your best option. Ford knows this all too well, and they have made sure that their 2018 Ford Expedition SUV gets the best. The interior is spacious and comfortable for all the 8 people who can occupy it. The cargo room is also ample, especially when you fold the center and back-row seats down. For people with children, all the reasons to smile are here. You do not need to remove your child seat when folding the back-row seats down.

Improved Technology

Today, vehicles are packed with all sorts of technologies. The days are gone when vehicle owners had to buy a lot of aftermarket accessories to enjoy technology in their cars. The all-new release boasts an advanced cruise control, which is predicted to reduce accidents through the collision avoidance capability. Drivers also get to enjoy the navigation assistance to keep them in the right lane.

Charging all your devices is easy because the vehicle is loaded with six USB outlets. Due to the size of the fleet vehicle, the drivers can enjoy active parking assist at any time with ease. In a nutshell, this release from Ford is an excellent option to pick this year.

Final Word

On top of all the above benefits with this fleet vehicle, it also comes with a powerful towing capability of over 9,000 pounds. Additionally, the FX4 provides one of the best off-road packages. As an experienced fleet-handling expert, you know too well that the tires matter a lot. The all-new 2018 Ford Expedition SUV offers all-terrain tires. What more can you ask for? This is indeed the best fleet vehicle out there.