Ford Unveils An Engine With Turbocharger System For Each Cylinder!

There are many amazing inventions and ideas that people had over the years. These very same ideas made our planet a much better place to live and a more interesting one for sure. Hence we all love fast cars and we all admire the new ideas people have when it comes to improving our daily rides; this announcement is the one for you. Namely, an engineer from the Ford HQ designed this new turbocharger system that will be used in each cylinder individually. But more importantly, this concept is going to be used on every small car, it does not necessarily has to be a ridiculously fast dragster.

Ford Unveils An Engine With Turbocharger For Each Cylinder 2

Jim Clarke, which is the name of the Ford engineer proposed this new turbocharger system just recently. The main goal of this new concept will be the increasement in power of smaller engines, while at the same time keeping the emissions as low as possible, thus improving the overall efficiency of the engine.

Jim worked and developed this amazing idea alongside Dick Fotsch, which is the former president of engine divisions at Navistar and Kohler. This brand new turbocharger system is called the synergistic induction and turbocharging. Moreover, there is a nice picture which demonstrates all the components that are going to be used in it; hence you could more easily understand the concept behind it.

What do you think, is this idea going to develop in the future and is Ford going to implement it in their future engines?