This FORD GT Performs The Worlds Fastest Standing Mile! Watch The Run!

Every once in a while, a regular car comes along that does something incredible. That`s exactly what happened with this Ford GT! As it was placed on the starting line, nobody expected this car to set the Texas record for worlds fastest mile, and the fastest standing mile for any Ford GT out there! Impressive, right? Well, the guys think that they can get more out of this car, even though it went as fast as 293.6 miles per hour in this run! Now, that is a whopping number that deserves a place in the history books!

Ford GT Performs The Worlds Fastest Mile 3

I hope we see more of this Ford GT soon but I really doubt that the record for world`s fastest mile or even fastest Texas mile will stand for much longer – there`s a lot of action in Texas nowadays and there`s bound to be some mechanic somewhere, working on his even more powerful ride. One thing`s for certain – this Ford GT is sure to be remembered for breaking these records and for many people a car has not disappeared on the horizon faster than this one, which became a tiny blue dot in a matter of seconds!

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Posted by The Texas Mile on Sunday, March 26, 2017