For cheap used cars, visit us

Has low income been a hindrance towards owning your own car? The barrier is no more because here in West Coast Auto, we offer cars fitting each pocket. For used, reconditioned, and good quality, motor vehicles, visit with us. Not only, will you be able to get a nice car, but also you can bring your used car to us for a trade in. From service, repairs to financing, consider us. If you are concerned on placing your car`s care to a well-established and rated auto center, then do not miss the opportunity. We trade in good quality cheap used cars in Montclair.

For cheap used cars visit us 2

Here at West Coast Auto, you will be able to get the following services:

Car financing

No financing worries, because we will take care of your financial needs. We will make your car`s financial hiccup our priority by offering you the best lenders here in Montclair. You will have to provide the following details; full names, contact address, locality, license number, birth details and social security number. This will enable us to:

  • Communicate if need be
  • Pass the same details to relevant lenders for quick credit access
  • Get your credit status and worthiness
  • To ease the process of getting your next car

Car service

We will not only sell to you the best car but also offer the best service. A car is as good as the service it gets. Buying a car alone is not enough, the service matters the most. You will be able to get the following car services;

  • A twelve list checklist inspection at no extra cost. These include; brakes, shocks, tires, wipers, battery, bulbs, belts among others.
  • Service to the whole braking system from front disk brakes to the rear brake lining
  • Heating and air conditioning systems
  • Checking the fuel system
  • Engine service
  • Oil replacement
  • Cooling system services
  • Tire filling or inflation
  • Emission and transmission systems
  • Alignment and suspension services

To get these services, contact us for an appointment. With our qualified, certified, and experienced automobile technicians, you will never regret.

Trade in

Visit us and have the best car quote in Montclair. We will assess, evaluate, and get the real value for your car. Do you need a newer, fancy, or new model car? Your concern is our priority. Do you have an old used car and you do not have enough money to purchase a new one? Worry no more; this is the right platform to bring your old car. Bring your used car to us with a small amount of top up and there you go with a nicer and advanced car.

Car brands on sale

Here at West Coast Auto center, we offer the following car brands; Honda, BMW, Lexus, Chevrolet, Mercedes Benz and Ford. In addition, there are other minor brands on sale. Your visit will not go in vain; there is always a car fitting everyone`s pocket. For the best deals on used cars in Montclair, you are welcome.

Our client touch

We offer the best services or products to our customers. This is demonstrated by our client testimonials.


In today`s auto sales, people are looking for genuine auto centers to sell their used cars. Though there are many auto centers, only few can stand the test of time. We are proud here at West Coast Auto to be counted among the few genuine auto care centers in the world.