FLYING Mustang! Mustang Flies With 2000hp + Nitrous Runs 100 Feet On The Track And Ends On The Rear Bumper!

In the racing world more oft than not we experience crazy incidents. Crazy incidents that are no joke and can be pretty much dangerous not just for the driver`s life but for the spectators as well. That is what the world of racing is and the life of a racer. This time what grasped our attention is one crazy drag racing video by 1320 videos. It includes an incident which could`ve very well ended with catastrophic consequences. Fortunately, that was not the case. But it could`ve very well been because a flying Mustang flew 100 feet down the track ending on its back bumper!

As you can see, the laws of physics can be very demanding. That is why the right setup and drivers calculations need to be correctly performed. And this leap into the air was done by a wrongly performed wheelstand. Wheelstands are one of the most exciting things in a drag race. Front wheels high up in the air, rear tires enduring all that weight. Pretty much the deciding moment between a catastrophe and ultimate glory. Because, as you`ll see in the video with this flying Mustang, many things can go wrong!

If sufficient amount of air goes under the car, the car might be blown to agony! Or a driver`s error like lifting off the throttle can cause the car to crash down and tragedy to happen. But a wheelie can also last for the total length of the track! Then people will go home remembering that epic wheelie more than who won the race.

Unfortunately, a full length wheelie wasn`t the case with this flying Mustang but it`s a spectacular sight nonetheless. This Flying Mustang that has an immensely powerful 2000HP engine and plus a nitrous almost flies over the wall! And as we said, fortunately no one was hurt. People are going to talk about this flying Mustang for many days to come.

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