This Device Doesn’t Levitate But Seems Like REAL HOVERBOARD!

We are at the end of the year 2015 and still there is no real hoverboard as we have seen in the movies. But at least there are inventors who are trying to make the dream come true. One of them is surely Robert Bigler, founder of Hoverboard Technologies who has spent many years of developing the device we are writing about.

He calls it the real Hoverboard, but it actually is not simply because it does not levitate. But on the plus side, it feels like it does once you learn how to use it. It may look easy and straight forward in theory, but it is not.

Anyway, this device is a board (looks like a skateboard) with a wheel in the middle, powered by an electric motor which reacts to the leaning of the board. The device moves to whichever side you lean. Also, you have to use your waist in order to turn, not to move your weight like you would do with a snowboard or a skateboard. Moreover, it can go relatively fast, up to 15 miles per hour with one charge. And if you think that this is the device you`ve been waiting for, we might disappoint you now with the following -- the price tag is $4000.

At last, click here to watch the Hoverboard Aladdin -- a guy whose Halloween video went viral in few hours after publishing!