Fearless MONGOOSE vs COBRA Road Fight! Who Goes With The W?

Has it ever happened to you to come across a snake while driving on the road? If your answer is yes, then you know about the mini heart attack that strikes you despite the fact that you are closed in your car, and driving at the same time. That`s our human nature, to be afraid of snakes, although there are people who are simply not afraid to come into contact with these reptiles. Nevertheless, the situation is not the same in the animal kingdom. Not every animal is a prey of the mighty cobra! In fact, the cobra itself has many natural foes. One of them is certainly the mongoose! In the video below, you can see a fight starring MONGOOSE vs COBRA taking place in the middle of the road in front of people!

The cobra positioned itself on the road and people are afraid to continue going. But all that is going to be over soon. All of a sudden the mongoose shows up and starts a fight with the reptilian. Knowing cobra`s nature, we`d think the mongoose is doomed. But if you are more familiar with mongoose`s temper you won`t be surprised by the MONGOOSE vs COBRA outcome!

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