Extreme Jeep vs Truck Tug Of War With Massive Tire Smoke!

Check out this Extreme Jeep vs Truck Tug Of War With Massive Tire Smoke! Damn…now that a powerful Jeep!

If this is not the best burnout we have seen, then what is?! Take a look at this custom built Jeep that burns those tires with no problems!!! Here is another EXTREME TUG OF WAR and we are definitely going to remember this one by all the smoke it has produced and the way that thing was moving while the tires SCREAMED for help!!! The Jeep is trying to win this war and it sure did win the first BATTLE!!! If you want to see this awesome skilled Driver and his magnificent self-built Jeep, hit the play button and enjoy!!!

I think it has at least 1.500HP under the hood! What do you think? Finally, read some specs for the Jeep!

Enjoy the video below!

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