FROZEN RUSH Contest With 900HP Pro 4 Trucks In The Snow!

Well hello Truck Racing fans! We have not forgotten about you, don`t worry! Come with us, and we`ll take you to the one-of-a-kind Truck Race contest! When we say one-of-a-kind – we mean it. We are talking about the Red Bull Frozen Rush which is not called like that by accident. This race does not take place in the desert, even though everything we know about truck racing is directly linked with the dessert!

This time we are taking it to the next level – we are going to try it out on snow! We are going to make this extreme sport even more extreme!!! We have one of the best drivers with us such as Brian Deegan, Rob McCachren, Ricky Johnson, RJ Anderson, Scott Douglas and many more. Each one of them has prepared differently. While some took it for granted and didn`t really pack any differently for this adventure than they usually do, others took it more seriously. RJ Anderson for example spent $500 worth of snow equipment! While on the other hand, Brian Deegan thinks he`ll be fine with nothing else but snow goggles. However, it`s going to be great to see 900hp engines on frozen tracks!

Finally, read more about the frozen rush contest, here!