EXPERIMENT: Will Sugar in Gas PERMANENTLY Damage Your Engine?!

We have all heard stories about how adding certain ingredients into the gas will cause some sort of damage to the engine. One of these ingredients is none other than your regular granulated sugar. Many theories have emerged in the past decades, and this man in the video will help us solve all our mysteries. At the beginning of the video we see pictures from the cylinder head and the cylinder of an engine out of a lawn mower before he adds sugar in gas. He then checks the compression when the engine is cold and hot.

He prepares the mixture in a jar and adds 1/16 oz. of fuel and a quarter of a cup of sugar. He gives a thorough mix to the jar but the sugar does not fully dissolve. The mixture is then poured into the reservoir and the engine is started. He lets it work until all of the fuel is wasted. At first he does not see any difference though there is some sugar left in the reservoir. He then measures the compression and there is no significant difference. After taking the cylinder head off he sees build up from the sugar, and he states that this might cause some long-term impact on the engine. Lesson learned: Don’t you ever put sugar in gas!

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