Everything you need for the Perfect Road Trip

When it comes to imagining the perfect day for any petrol head, you simply cannot beat the lure of the open road. The perfect road trip is exactly what travelers are thinking about when they say it`s about the journey and not the destination.

Anyone can drive from A to B; it`s why most drivers learn to drive in the first place. However, for those of us that firmly believe we were born to drive, our vehicles have a greater significance than simply aiding our daily commute. While our taste on cars may differ, we can all agree that the opportunity to really drive the car, and we don`t mean creeping inch by inch stuck in the middle of a traffic jam, is something that we all long for.

Everything you need for the Perfect Road Trip 1

Road -- and Lots of It

The perfect road trip requires a road that lends itself to picturesque scenery and a distinct lack of traffic, allowing the car the opportunity to express itself and show off its capabilities. For example, The Big Sur in California is widely considered one of the best routes that any driver can find themselves on, providing an experience like no other road anywhere else in the world.

Do not make keeping your journey time as short as possible the main priority. The shortest route is not always the best – savour the time behind the wheel, especially if you are lucky enough to be in a car that sends shivers down your spine. Drive!

Good Company

Driving along is all well and good, but a shared experience is always better. Invite your best friends along for the ride and designate roles – who is in charge of the playlist, who is responsible for refreshments…and who`s there simply because they are a laugh a minute?

Some of the best memories with friends begin with “we went for a drive”. Head out for no reason at all other than to have a good time, especially if you have no reason to get up in the morning.


As much as the perfect road trip is about having fun and experiencing the best that your car has to offer, caution must also be taken. Before heading out for a long drive, make it a priority to have your car looked over, especially if the poor thing has only had to cart you backwards and forwards from work. Fuel up, check the oil, install wheel protectors (find out more here) and away you go.

On clear road, you may well be tempted to put your foot down and test out your top speed. Speed limits do exist for a reason and all it can take is for one car, pedestrian or other obstacles to suddenly appear causing a potentially fatal accident. As much as the perfect road trip is about living life to the max, it isn`t about putting your life at risk.

Everything you need for the Perfect Road Trip 2

A Car You Can Drive

Most obviously, but most importantly, a car that you can drive is needed – one that you feel comfortable in, a car that you feel at home in. If you don`t feel comfortable behind the wheel of your vehicle, then you certainly shouldn`t be driving it.

In order to drive long distances, you need more than a simple car designed for nothing more than to get you from one A to B. It is worth investing that little bit more in something that works for you on all levels – driving is an experience and should never be regarded as a chore.