People come up with all sorts of ideas when it comes to car entering! It is always cool to have your own move. You can impress the girls, your friends or even nearby people! However, until now we all thought we have seen it all! For many, the number one entrance is the one done by the Dukes of Hazzard! We doubt that there is one single person on this planet who doesn`t recognize the good old hood slide across “General Lee” – the 1969 Charger!!! Well, we have to say that someone overpassed them. A young man from the island of Barbados, has this incredibly funny and stylish way of getting into his vehicle! This sovereign island country situated in the Lesser Antilles is not known for having famous movie stars or singers, but they can be proud for having the BEST ENTER A CAR MAN IN THE WORLD!

All this guy needs is an opened window and a still car! He simply slides through the window without any obstacles! From an observing point of view, it looks like it is easier for him to enter a car this way than it is the regular way! Simply HILARIOUS!!! ENTER A CAR LIKE A BOSS! BE PROUD!

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