Engine Warm Up Before Driving – Yes or No?!

As cold time approaches we have more and more problems with our cars` engines. First, we have to deal with the cold start and then we need to focus on the engine warm up. Whenever you get inside your freezing vehicle, you want to make it warm and comfortable before you drive it. You also don`t want your engine to be cold and frozen as we get the feeling that if we drive it that way, we are doing something wrong. Lucky for us, Chris Fix is here and will show us why Engine warm up is good or not, on the other hand.

Engine Warm Up Before Driving 2

So, let`s start with the fact that if you are driving a car with electric fuel injection, your vehicle does not need to be warmed up before going. Fuel injected engine can easily compensate for the changes in temperature – so, more fuel is injected in the chamber! On the other hand, fuel is a solvent. That means that once it comes in touch with the cylinder walls, it washes up the oil from the pistons and cylinders. And if you lack oil on the cylinders walls that means you car is less protected.

Now, people usually do the idling thing for an engine warm up. This might be disappointing, but, that does not really make much of a difference. On the contrary, it is even bad for your car because the only thing you achieve by idling is waste more fuel. However, Chris Fix is ready to get into details for you!

Finally, check out this cold start from Cummins!