€80.000 BMW S1000RR HP4 Race Carbon Fiber Superbike!

The world of racing and the production of some really amazing and super fast vehicles are being more advanced than ever before. Manufacturers are putting their abilities to the limit in the constant struggle to be better than your rival and to offer something new that has never been seen before. Such prestige company that always manages to kindly surprise each and every customer is surely BMW. This German beast managed to retain its spot among the very best vehicle manufacturers. Although they are mostly known for the production of cars, this time we take a look at their latest BMW S1000RR HP4 Race Carbon Fiber.

80000 BMW S1000RR HP4 Race Carbon Fiber Superbike 2

This super bike is seen in action for the first time and it looks and sounds absolutely stunning. But what is so special about the bike? To begin with we check out its price that is whooping $80,000! Only 750 such BMW S1000RR HP4 Race Carbon Fiber bikes are going to be made and grabbing your hand onto one is very difficult.

This is a carbon fiber super bike and it centers its qualities in the speed and design. It has a wonderfully made aerodynamic shape. There is also one more thing that makes this bike so exceptional and that is its weight hence it is very lightweight. It has a 999CC inline four engine that sounds ridiculously good, as it can be heard from the video. The BMW S1000RR has 200 HP and a rev limiter placed at 14,000.

What do you think about the bike, does it represent the future of super bikes?