Exactly How Duane Mayer Got Himslef In The Terrible Car Accident?

Since we all love cars and the various TV shows, we know many people involved in it. One of them certainly is Duane Mayer. The guy that pushed the boundaries of car restorations. He shifted every possible limit and made some stunning cars. However, as most of you already know, Duane was involved in a terrible car accident, but how did it happen? Many have speculated and came up with their own stories, but not all of them are true. Duane and Boyd Conddington own a restoration shop for over a decade now. Boyd is his good friend and he was devastated to hear the news about Duane`s accident. Luckily, what is most important is that Duane was just fine. However, he did have couple of big bruises. So what was the exact reason for this terrible car accident?

duane terrible car accident

Well, as it turns out, he consumed lots of alcohol when he got in the vehicle. He was driving the gorgeous 1932 Ford Coupe. What is worse, Duane fell out from the vehicle while it was still moving. Yes, he was going at a speed of 25 mp/h when he suddenly opened the door and fell out. His Ford then crashed in a ditch and stopped immediately. All of Duane`s injuries were not life threatening, so the police even had to arrest him for drunk driving. Soon after he was taken to the hospital and was treated. He even took a picture from his injuries on his face. Damn, do they look nasty! This is probably the best example of why you should never drink and drive. It can be fatal for you and the people around you. Let this terrible car accident teach you a lesson. Take good care of yourself!

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