This Is How Driving Through DEEP POTHOLES Destroys You Car!

There are thousands and thousands of awesome things you can do with a car. We have previously seen some amazing tests people have done with certain vehicles and now it is time to take a look at yet another one. Some of you might be familiar with the YouTube channel called Warped Perception and what he does. In this video we decided to take a Mercedes C220 and drive it through deep potholes to see how well it handles them. But there is one twist. Before doing so he strips the car to bare metal so we can grab better view of the action.

This Is How Driving Through DEEP POTHOLES Destroys You Car 2

He takes the car form a Mercedes dealership but it is not in pristine condition hence it has been sitting there for two years. Despite having some cooling problems they manage to take it to the garage and change the springs hence they were totally busted. After all of the changes and fixes the car seemed ready for stripping down.

Piece by piece with little help from his children, the man managed to fully strip down the whole car and it was time for some deep potholes action. They record it with e 4K camera and in super slow motion. Despite all the beating and the rough ride, the car seems to handle just fine after couple of test runs. The best thing about the video is that you can clearly see what happens to the car once it hits a pothole.

Check it out for more fun!