Can This Get To DOT? Oblivious Drivers Bottoming Out Hitting A Massive Pothole In Jersey City!

As you know, some roads are in a much worse shape than others. One example of terrible road conditions can be found in one area located in Jersey City, New Jersey. This area actually has a reputation for bad road conditions, and we have one video that demonstrates one of those terrible spots. The video was uploaded on YouTube by the famous YouTuber IAmTaiBoogie who has over 100K subscribers. He wrote in the description of the video that he called the DOT (Department of Transportation) to report one massive pothole that is slowly destroying the cars which are hitting it.

This video is very insane to watch as vehicles come plunging down the street and end up hitting the massive pothole and doing some crazy damage in the process. It`s a very distressful video. This is a real testament why drivers should always keep their eyes focused at all times. This video was filmed during rush hour and every vehicle that hits the pothole endures some kind of damage. When you think about it, the state should pay for these damages done to the cars. We hope that this massive pothole is going to be fixed as soon as possible because driving on this road conditions is totally unacceptable.

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