Drifting TUTORIAL: How To Exit The Highway Like a BOSS?! Take A Look & Learn The Lesson!

Drifting at a highway exit it looks like fun to all of us… Remember when you first got your driving license?! Oh boy, those were the days! You were finally able to drive a car!!! But, one thing was always a problem, taking the ride on the highway! Not because of all the fast cars, but you were supposed to take an exit eventually! Those of us who loved cars more than they should have, learnt how to drift! However, a drifting tutorial of some kind is pretty necessary. You can`t just go on a highway exit with your car and drift the hell out of it. That is ludicrous! Even Ken Block didn`t go to drift on a highway exit for the first time. So, we are sure he took a drifting tutorial before trying a feat like this. Whether on a private track, a huge empty parking lot or somewhere else, practice is necessary. Because if one never felt losing traction before, it can be very messy. When losing traction the rear will start to slide and a drifting newbie just won`t know what to do. He will be scared to death!

If you remember it was difficult when you have done it for the first time, you know that afterwards we are all coming more courageous and we are doing it faster and faster. We might not be professionals, but the basics -- we own! The basics of keeping a great balance between the throttle and steering input. But most of all, you need to be one with the car. Feeling it as a part of your own body. Pro drifting is a spiritual thing indeed. In addition, take a look at this guy taking the exit on a highway, but putting a little extra on it! He does it while DRIFTING! Take a look at this drifting tutorial!!!

Finally, if you want to see this crazy drifting prank, follow this link!