900HP Turbocharged LS Powered Nissan S14 Drift Performance!

Check out this INSANE 900HP Turbocharged LS Powered Nissan S14 drift performance! This thing sounds so mean and It’s just so beautiful! And yeah, the driver is really really good! He has been champion in Poland for 2 years and he is drifting for more than 10 years now!

The Nissan. It always offers us pleasant surprises. However, in order the car to be able to show us its full potential, it must be driven by a professional. In this case, the Nissan S14 is “drifted” by the Polish Drifting Champion for the previous year, Bartosz Stolarski! Press play and see for yourself why this driver has such title! Also, it would`ve been nice if you`d increase the volume of your sound device so you`d be able to hear the turbocharged beast better! Enjoy watching this man showing his skills that make the drifting look like a child`s play! At last, feel free to share your thoughts with us and tell us what do you think about this 900HP Turbocharged LS Powered Nissan S14!

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