DRAG RACE: Couture VS Coga! I Was Told That Semi’s Could’t Do Wheelies!

One of my favourite races! Check this amazing DRAG RACE: Couture VS Coga! Sound, Body Twists, A Lot Of Smoke…these 2 big trucks are pushing out more than 2000-2500 hp each.

Here is a fun video we should all watch! We would like to invite you to the 2009 Truck Rodeo where many people attended in order to see these fabulous trucks! The video below shows the final round of the “Loaded category” where two trucks loaded with cargo will race! It is amazing how much coal they roll and how much torque they produce as the frame twists due to it as well as the blemish of rigidity! Anyway, try to catch up with the atmosphere at least for a little bit as these two semi-trucks will do everything they can to impress you!

What do you think -- how much weight they got on the trailers? I think they had over 170 000 lbs. I Was Told That Semi’s Couldn’t Do Wheelies…anyway not really a wheelie, just the frame twisting from lots of torque and lack of rigidity. Please share your thoughts with us.

One of the best videos I have ever watched online, you must see this amazing Drag Race between LaFerrari and Bugatti! Visit this link!